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    So I go to let my dog out to go pottie, and as I always do, make sure the coast is clear. We have 6 cats (plus various wildlife) that like to frequent the yard. Although the dogs usually get along with the cats, if the cats run, the dogs chase. Some of my cats are really old. Anyway, I go to let my dog out, and see one of my cats batting around a bird. I leave the dog in, chase off the cat and see that the bird is still very much alive, but in shock. It has feathers missing from its back and a small tear on its skin. I looked it over, nothing else seems to be broken. I set it back down and it hopped under a fern. That is where it is now, not sure if I should just let it be, or take it in and nurse it a bit. I know that it may have internal issues going on and that nursing wild birds back to health is a hard thing to do. I just can't see leaving it outside if it needs help. Right now, its in the 30's. Not sure of the breed, but it is not a baby. I took some pics, but its with my phone, so sorry for the clarity. Its hard to tell, but it is actually a fairly good sized bird, about the size of a robin.
    Any advice will be helpful. Thanks!
    the injured area:
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    If it is not able to fly away, it may need some help. I would probably bring it in and call a wildlife rehab for it. Some vets will take them in and provide care until it can be placed. I used to patch them up myself (when possible) but the potential legal issues are not worth the risk to me.
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    ETA: It looks like a female varied thrush.
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    Do you have a cat carrier or even a box will work. You can put it in that but leave it outside on a porch or some place protected. Bringing it into a heated house will not be good for it. Going from cold to warm to cold again can shock it. Leave it be for a few hours or even until tomorrow morning, then see if it will fly away. That is usually the first thing I try if the bird looks ok. If it doesn't fly away, then take it to a rehab.
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    Thanks for the replies, but the poor thing died. [​IMG] I went back out to where it was and its breathing was labored. I brought it in and put it in a crate with a blanket over the crate. I figured it would die, but at least it died in peace, instead of being tormented by one of my cats. Guess it had more damage done to it than I realized. We do have a rehab center here in town and I was actually about to call them till I saw the bird wasn't doing good. I wish that if my cats are going to catch something, that they either don't hurt it, or finish the job. I always seem to interupt the process when the bird/mouse/shrew is getting attacked, and then I am than stuck with a moral dilema. [​IMG]
    Thanks again!!
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    ETA: It looks like a female varied thrush.

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    Awwww, that's too bad. She was a pretty one. At least you know that she wasn't a mama or anything because they don't breed this time of year.
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    my cat did the same thing to a chickadee. we braught it in the house wasnt thinking and put it in a box it could fly out of (it was in shock) well in about 5 minutes it got loss and we were chasing it around the house....
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