Unabsorbed yolk or umbilical stump?

Jul 22, 2021
So I went to check the chicks this morning and found one newly hatched wet chick on the floor, cold but still alive. I gave it a quick look over and saw a small pink stump maybe half the diameter of a pencil and sticking a quarter of an inch out of the chicks belly, everything else looks normal on this chick and I immediately tucked it under the hen. It's now several hrs later and this chick is warm and dry, slightly more lively than when I found it this morning just appears to be sleepy and moves around every few min chirping before dosing off again. I haven't gotten a picture of the chicks belly yet cause I figured getting it warm was more urgent and if it doesn't survive that then the belly is kinda irrelevant but now that it appears to be doing better, could I safely take a picture now or should I wait until morning? I'm keeping my expectations low with this one, this is my first time dealing with this so if you guys can give me advice I don't want to cause more harm in my ignorance.

Overall, one chick made it half way out of it's shell and passed away, one of its feet looked oddly curled to me but idk if it was just because it was still in the egg or if it was an abnormality? 2 chicks hatched and are up on their feet under the hen, the chick I made this post for is hanging on, and the last egg hasn't done anything and I suspect it died yesterday or the day before.

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