Unabsorbed yolk- who has had success with this? Pics?


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I had to help (didn't do much but try to mimic incubation conditions) two chicks that are of 4 eggs that got left behind when momma got off the nest and went into Chick Parade mode.

I had a successful hatch night before last, and last night, was up all night keeping the conditions as stable as possible with a heating pad that shuts off every 7 minutes, a plastic shoebox, a baby thermometer, no hygrometer and lots of frustration. I couldn't sleep because the temp was always too hot or too cold every 10 minutes.

*SO* baby launched herself out of the shell and I discovered a red bulb of yolk sac still attached to her rump. I guess she didn't finish forming her rump-button.

It isn't bothering her, but it's not shrinking either, at about the size of a chocolate chip. It's fairly dry and since she's sleeping, it's not bothering her.

I'm wanting to slip her into the nest under momma but know I can't if this hasn't fallen off yet.

Who has experience with this and can anyone show pics so I can compare?
I have one like that right now in the bator, unfortunately its dying...
I helped one of mine along last night and she had alot left. Today she is doing perfectly fine with only a lil left. Ive heard and seen this before, and she should do fine. Just give her one more day for it to shrink a lil before you give her back to mom. gl!
Whew!! Not nearly.

It just looks like a piece of pink-ish clay rolled up and stuck there. It's dry, too.

I imagine if it wasn't so small, I'd be flipping out. I'm pretty sure there isn't anything else it could be, so I'm going to let it be.


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