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Maybe the link has always been there but I've never noticed it before and never used it. I just clicked on it and was amazed at all of the unanswered posts - and I don't mean the ones from two minutes earlier. There are posts from lots of newbies seeking help that have gone totally unresponded to.

I would like to ask everyone to check that link from time to time and see if there are people you can help. Granted there are a lot that come under Buy/Sell/Trade that maybe no one was interested in but there are many, many others. I hate to think that someone just joining isn't getting any responses to their posts. I know a lot of you only watch the current topics and those get more action but there are many posts made during the day or night that aren't in that listing.

Anyway, I learn something new every day and just thought it would be nice if others checked that link from time to time. It's rude of us when no one responds to a post especially those seeking help.

Thanks all.
When not tied up keeping all you guys under control, I do go back over unanswered posts. So many posts per day that they can roll off page one in less than 10 minutes some days. Descriptive titles help to get important posts noticed

The link has been there for ages. It only took me about two months to notice it!
On school nights I usually go though the page of unanswered and at least try to suggest something to the posters that are not in the buy sell trade part of the board. But alas, it is often hard to keep up with.
Interesting idea... if 1/4 of our members just answered one thread we could wipe out that whole list!

Many are questions that have been answered lots of times in the past. Feel free to do a search for the person and link them to a thread that answers the person's question.
While there are lot's of repeat questions - think about it - how many different questions could there possibly be about raising chicks - of course they are repeat questions? But stop and remember when you were new on this site and to raising chicks and you had a question or just a simple post and NO ONE answered.

Thanks to all who do stop and say "hi" to the newbies or answer their simple questions about "hay or straw" or "heat temp" and all the other basics. And like Nifty said you can just refer them to "search" or "FAQ" pages.

When I was new to this site I didn't even notice that there were links to topics beyond those that showed up on my screen and my initial threads kept getting moved to the more appropriate areas - in other words, just scroll down and there's a lot more topics. Duh - how dumb was that. Also never knew about the search feature till later. And I'm a "techie" as some people would call it - make my living on the internet and designing websites. Like I said, if the link to Unanswered Posts was always there, again, I was just blind to it and thought I would point it out to all the others who, like me, probably only see what they want to see and don't look much farther.

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