Unknown breed chicks from privet

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  1. I got some extra chicks from privet, anyone know what they are? they are not bantams. I'm just being lazy I could easily look up what chicks they carry and google!
    First chick
    20180829_192755.jpg 20180829_192748.jpg 20180829_192731.jpg

    Second chick: 20180829_192710.jpg 20180829_192714.jpg 20180829_192642.jpg
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    I'm thinking black Jersey Giant and Welsummer.
  3. They do look like that, thanks!
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  4. Alexandra33

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    I agree on the Black Jersey Giant. :) However, there is potential the other is also a Brown Leghorn....only earlobe color when older can determine which. White = Leghorn, while red = Welsummer.

  5. Good to know thanks! I've never had either I'm hoping for welsummer.
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  6. Alexandra33

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    You're so welcome. :)

    Welsummers are easily among of the very best breeds out there, so I'm also hoping you ended up with one.

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