Unofficial BYC Other Fowl Molt Contest - Three Prizes!


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Winners Announced Here!
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Unofficial BYC Other Fowl Molt Contest

Are Your Other Fowl Molting?
We Want Your Pics!

It's that time of year again where our birds start their metamorphosis into... well, okay, they don't turn into anything, but it sure is interesting to see them go through their molting process and leaving feathers all over the place!

For more information on your flock's annual molt, see here:

How to enter
The contest is simple, post pictures of your birds in the worst part of their molt. Once we're past the molting season our esteemed panel of judges will pick a loser... er... winner!

The rules are simple too:
  1. Must be your other fowl (turkey, peafowl, duck, guinea fowl, quail, etc., anything but a chicken).
  2. No picture limit, post as many pictures of your bird as you want.
  3. If you have more than one bird to enter, do them in separate posts.
  4. Must be your pictures.
  5. ALL pictures MUST be uploaded to BYC and not hosted on other image sites, personal websites, etc.
Good luck to you and your ugly... er.. molting other fowl!

First PlaceA 1-year PFM ($60 value) for yourself or a friend.
Second PlaceA 6-month PFM ($35 value) for yourself or a friend.
Third PlaceA 3-month PFM ($20 value) for yourself or a friend.

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This contest is open to all BYC members where the contest complies with local laws/ordinances. All BYC rules apply: Terms of Service (Rules)
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