Upated : Cockeral ? Need to down size in WA


10 Years
Jul 2, 2013
These act like Roos,

Taking Cockerels to farmer Auction

Ladd Crowing like madness as well as Bumping & Stare down with others

Redd : Cockerel ? want to keep

Hawk : Cockerel ? want to keep

Cott N : Pullet .hope . . . hope.... hope.....

Turk : Pullet ? Cockerel ?

Pullet ? Cockerel ?

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First three are roos. Pics are fuzzy , but with the red patches on the shoulders would say #4 is also.
Yes, the first three are definitely roosters. Its difficult to tell on the last one, but the color pattern makes me think its a rooster, too.
Ughhhhhh : 4 of 6 * Guaranteed from Breeder in Rochester, WA * Pullets Are Rosters ........... 2 remaining were straight run. and Look like Roos
Barred rock , and Cochin w/ red on wings.

How can I get Starters that are GIRLS ...anyone.. . .
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Uh, you bought these are guaranteed / sexed pullets? Usually the best bet to get correctly sexed chicks is directly from a hatchery, and preferably get one of the sex links, hard for them to get them wrong. Second choice is to get older chicks that you can already tell what they are from a local breeder, or if you can find one that is correctly breeding sex links. Farm stores seem to be getting pretty bad about mixing chicks up.
Got them from a Breeder Local - Rochester, WA - off Craig's List
it's taken us all summer to get them Healthy we started off with 8 and 2 died soon after. we got them 1 st from being too young ( in unheated coop.) 2 nd one unknown causes just woke up one AM and it was dead in coop. then TWO more had to come inside and were treated.

So going back to that Breeder seems foolish @ best.
Yeah, sounds like a hatchery or feed store is the way to go for you. Or, don't rule CL out all the way, lots of us on byc use it to sell birds. Just do your research first and never, ever feel sorry for a bird and "rescue" sick birds!

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