Update: are these eggs fertilized


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Mar 21, 2018
I got 4 eggs from my cousin that owes a egyptian duck, goose, (not sure). And he said he had them for 1 week but he says he isnt sure. I put them in a homemade incubator (I'm getting a good incubator soon). I candled the eggs but I can't tell. I can send more pictures if anyone needs them.
Update: I was candeling the eggs but my little niece got to hold on the first egg in the picture. It fell but it didnt break hut it did have this crack. I told my cousin and he said to put nail polish. He did say that he would bring me another egg but I'm still thinking if it survived or not because when I candled it it was like really dark on the top. The other eggs are fine. Are the eggs fertile and is the one that got a crack going to be ok or :/?


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There's obviously something in a few, but I wouldn't hold out too much hope for the one with the crack. There is a chance it lives but because of the crack it could have deformities and other health problems. I'm sure someone will have some better advice though
It’s kind of hard to tell from those pics. But are there any veins in the eggs? That will tell you if they are fertile.
Hmm..., how many days have the eggs been incubated. More pictures would be helpful. Can you get some close ups?

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