update:: my mini coop (comments/suggestions wanted)

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    Jun 27, 2008
    more pictures further in thread too (before I realized I could update and add pictures right in this post)




    I have 4 chickens that live in a smallish coop and they will not let my 2 newest chickens in to roost at night (they are vicious!) so before the real winter weather gets here (in new england), I want to build them a secure coop. I had access to a few sheets of thick plywood all cut 48" x 31.75" and I drew windows and doors on the pieces and a friend cut them for me with a borrowed jigsaw. I bought 2x3s at HD and they cut them to lengths I needed and I had a few pieces of hardware cloth around - and a piece of plexiglass 31"x26" that I plan to use on the rear window (the big hole on the back wall - it has hardware cloth on it now). I miscalculated somethings and now need to borrow or buy a jigsaw to trim the side pieces down by an inch or so. I would love to be able to use a clear corregated roof for the coop but I think it is beyond my very novice carpenter skills. Any comments, suggestions or warnings would be very appreciated!!

    Oh, so the coop is 48" wide, 31" deep and 31" tall (actually a shed roof, 40" in the front, sloping to 31" in the back) - for 2 chickens

    Its ready for the roofing panels, which I hope to buy and attach tomorrow. I realized I have some more big gaps to cover with hardware cloth up under the roof -more ventiliation???[​IMG][​IMG]

    I have a tolorant but not happy-to-have-chickens-so-close neighbor and I purposely splurged on this paint to make the coop ( I thought) 'cute' and nice-to-look-at, but today she cringed when I asked her about the color - she said she doesn't like purple (its blue, but I guess looks purple) and she would have preferred to have to see a coop that "blended in better" with the yard!! I'm so sad about it!! To keep peace, I wonder if I should go buy a gallon of nature green paint and re-paint my old and this new coop.
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    I love it! Will you paint the plywood or put siding on? Just Wondering....I htink here the weather would make short work of it.
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    Jul 24, 2009
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    My biggest splurge so far: a gallon of Kilz latex semi-gloss exterior paint in royal blue! And the door/window hinges, latches, hardware..... The plywood was a bit damp, buggy, warped - so the edges of the coop will need caulking or a spray of that foam sealer stufff. When the weather turns sunny I will paint a bit and try to find a jigsaw to borrow to trim those sides.

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    You are to be commended for taking action to correct a problem and protect your flock. Ventilation good and hardware cloth is neatly installed. That said, I cannot tell from pics if top properly fastened/fitted . Looks like it is just propped into place and not up on one edge where it should be. Regards overhang, you need it all around on all 4 sides to properly turn water away from walls. Exposed edges of plywood will absorb water and cause separation of plies. Some sort of membrane or tar paper will be needed on top and will have to wrap down sides somewhat to keep water and snow melt from causing rot/deterioration. Easily big enough for 4 chooks. Way to go!
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    Updates pictures! My plan is to finish the paint job, screw two supports along the top of the sides (you can see them sitting there - but they aren't attached, then screwing three 60" "purlins" perpendicular to the supports and then I plan to screw white (if I can find them locally, I have only found sources for clear and grey so far) suntuf panels - 40" long going the width of the coop with the channels running downhill. Does that make sense? Also I plan to take off that screwed on popdoor and replace it with a larger piece that will be bigger than the pophole, and I'll add a strip of wood to reinforce the place where the hinge will go. Also a big piece of plexiglass will go over the big window in the back for the winter. Here is a picture of the cuties that need this coop - aren't they sweet?


    View from inside the door - see the little perch-foothold to help them get out the pophole? I plan to use a thick layer of woodchips in the winter to help insulate - so the popdoor is up high.

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    Woah, that looks great! Makes me want to paint my chickens' coops [​IMG]

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    Holy poopdoor.....that is cute!! I am gonna have to show dh this when he get's home. This would be perfect for my little bantams.

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    you said your in New England? Is this going to be outside? If so its going to be pretty cold with no insulation and a large plexiglass window. Just a thought.

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    My Coop
    Just big enough for two to roost and lay an egg!

    good job

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