Update on our hatch, the good and the bad.

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    I posted last night wondering about whether to pull out the chicks that had already hatched. I got mixed results, and the lady I bought the fertile eggs from said it was ok, so I took out the ones that were dry. Last night, we went to bed with four chicks. This morning we woke up to nine chicks total. I took out the four chicks this morning and put into the brooder. By the time I left this morning for work, we had two more. I came back at lunch and moved the other 5, which left two in there. By tonite, there was two more, so now the total is up to 13 out of 28 eggs. Out of the rest of the eggs, there are no pipped holes. Each time I opened the Hova incubator, I was very fast and the temp and humidity came right back up. Digital temp gauge inside says 99.1 and humidity at 92.5%. How much longer should I give the rest of the eggs? I did have one egg that the chick half broke the shell, but never came out and there is no movement at all on that one, so I think we lost one, but after reading other posts, we have prepared for this. I guess we had really good success so far, but it doesn't look good on the rest of the eggs. No matter what, I will probably give them a few more days to be safe, but where is the cutoff date that we should give up on them? Thanks for the help. This is exciting and addicting!!
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    Congrats on your hatch!!!! Definitely open the vents though or open the bator for a few seconds to let some of the humidity out. The humidity always goes up while they are pipping but if it gets close to 80% I open and let some out.

    Edited to add: I usually toss the eggs on day 25, depending on whether they hatched on time or not. Alot of times if they hatch after that, they have issues.
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