Update On Roosters and Guineas

Do you think that a bantam chicken and guinea fowl mixed flock will work?

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May 16, 2019
It almost seems like Bucky, our biggest rooster, has become the "leader" of the guineas. He will attack Molasses, Lily, and Storm and the entire flock of guineas will join in and beat the poor things until they run away or fly into the trees. Ang and Fire are doing just fine with the guinea flock, which is why I am thinking that Bucky is in charge since only the rival roosters are being attacked. It seems strange that out of everyone in the flock, the guineas are attacking all the roosters except Bucky, who seems to be trying to have chicks with them every chance he has. He seems much more annoying than the other three roosters.
We are getting six new pullets, but we have to wait at least a month before they arrive. When they do arrive, they will be a month or two old and we will be able to more safely introduce them to the flock. We are putting Molasses up for sale.
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