(UPDATE p.4) BIG problem! All roosters but 1? I only bought pullets!

Amy in NC

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Jun 19, 2009
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Hello everyone. I think I may have a big problem!. I live in a subdivision where I can't have roosters, and I think I have 4 out of my 5 chicken flock. We have grown very attached to our chicks, and I want to be sure of my suspicions before I start selling them off. Unfortunately, I do not have ages for any of them, but no one has laid or tried to crow yet. Here are their descriptions & pics:

Eileen - This one was my first barred rock. "She" is very sweet but developed a very red comb. She has moderate dark splashes down the front of her legs. My husband refuses to believe that this one is a rooster. She's so friendly that she reminds us of a puppy!

Eileen 1

Eileen 2

Eileen 3

Sibil - This one was sold to me as a New Hampsire Red pullet from a line of double yolk layers. Within the first week "she" grew a giant comb and is now somewhat larger than all the other chickens. I'm guessing rooster, but holding onto a faint glimmer of hope.

Sibyl 1

Sibyl 2

Sibyl 3

Gwyn - I know this one is a pullet, but she was sold to me as a buff Brahma. About two weeks ago she began to sprout feathers on her bluish-white legs. I'm thinking she's a buff Cochin?

Gywn 1

Gywn 2

Wanda - This barred rock has a pretty large comb, but it's lighter than the others. This chicken can sometimes be hateful to the others. "She" is the reason for the crook in Eileen's comb. Her legs are very yellow.

Wanda 1

Wanda 2

Wanda 3

Scrappy Chick - This chicken was free, and had almost no feathers when I got it. It has developed a very dark comb, but has dark legs.

Scrappy Chick 1

Scrappy Chick 2

Scrappy Chick 3
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Amy in NC

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Jun 19, 2009
Jacksonville, NC
NOOOOO!!! I already knew, but I was in denial. We are going to be so heartbroken to get rid of these guys. Chickens are hard to come by in our area, too.


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I am sorry to agree with the others. I have a roo that so far is not acting like one. I will keep Buffy(thought it was a pullet) until a crow just incase I am wrong.

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I don't know. Single combs are hard. I would say they are all pullets.
But I don't know ages. So they could be roos.

I would say if they are 3+ months old they may very well be pullets, otherwise they are roos. Except the buff one of course.


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Eileen is beautiful, and shaped like a pullet. I see no hint of roo in those feathers, except the lightness of the barring... I, personally, wouldn't give up hope on that one yet.


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Mar 19, 2009
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In case you get more barred rocks...

A tip...

Barred rock males have WAY more white... Barred rock females are more black

Sorry about your roos


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May 17, 2007
I say hens all. But then again what do I know. They look just like my "hens." I suggest you wait it out. Your city can't get on your case for keeping roosters if they cannot tell what they are.

Wait for the eggs. If they are roosters, you will know soon. They will do the rooster stuff.


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