UPS...What's UP with Those People, Anyway?

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by speckledhen, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. speckledhen

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    My friend Ellie ordered me something from, not the first time, either. They use UPS. Well, the pkg was supposed to be here last week. They told her the address was wrong, she told them it was not, and gave them my phone number to call. Obviously, I know where I live, right? Today, I get a post card in the mail, addressed properly, saying that they could not deliver because the address was wrong. DH calls the 800# and is at first told we have to go to Gainesville, over an hour away, to pick it up. He was not pleased, tells them that the address is most certainly correct, and informed the woman that UPS delivers here all the time, that they did send the postcard to the correct address. I do not see much logic in this, do you? I am in a rural area, but I'm not up in some secluded hideaway, accessible only by a Tarzan vine. Sheesh.
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    When I order from Amazon, it is sent via USPS. But, I order books. [​IMG]
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    disregard, I read Cyn's post wrong.
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    Quote:You're not?
    Darn! I would love to swing my way up your driveway! [​IMG]
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    Jun 11, 2007
    Quote:You're not?
    Darn! I would love to swing my way up your driveway! [​IMG]

    Methinks Cyn protesteth too much, makes you sorta wonder about her DH's daily attire, doesn't it?
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    Quote:Maybe they heard the banjos [​IMG]
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    UPS is a joke! I went through heck trying to get my replacement DVR from Dish Network. I checked the shipping info one day said it was unable to be delivered as no one was home, ok, maybe they came while I was out. So made sure I was here , they never showed, checked the delivery info, the IDIOTS sent it back to dish network, never got any answer as to why they sent it back and there was never any note left the day they "attempted" delivery which I asked if leaving a note was standard procedure and it was. I know for a fact UPS hates delivering to me during the summer, they do not like coming down my dirt road.
    I would push it until they did something to make it right, but honestly they will never admit their mistakes.
  8. saddina

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    We have the same problem. In thier system our street is spelled wrong, "Mellisa", instead of Melissa the only way to get a package here is to mispell it on the ship to line.
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    United Package Slammers
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    Well, if they came up the wrong end of my street, they would see this:


    Fedex now knows better than to try it again from that end.

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