Urgant Help/Advise Needed for injured Duck

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    Oct 7, 2017
    i have a 1 year old female aslbury duck shes very healthy until recently we noticed she had the start of bumble foot, she was seen by a vet last week who advised that there is no infection and she can be treated at home with iodine and pile cream brought from a chemist. since yesterday she has been unable to put weight on her foot and if she moves i can tell she is in pain by limping and not wanting to put her foot onto the floor, she has rested for the past 24 hours. the middle part of her foot os very swollen but the bumble foot seams to have gone down ( the lumps ) so im not sure if she has now broken her toe or has an infection. i have ordered some epsom salts to help her and have read that she can have aspirin. how do i give it to her? the one i just brought from the chemist is DISPERSIBLE ASPiRIN 75MG
    if any one could advise on how i can help her without another visit to the costly vet id be very greatful :hit

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