Urgent help needed for chick!

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11 Years
Oct 6, 2008
I went out today to feed chicks (about 5 wks old) and one of them had a long intestine looking thing coming out of it's butt all bloody.....I think it might be it's intestine. Is there something I can do? Thanks!

You're going to want to seperate her from the other chicks. Not to be gross, but they may peck at/eat the prolapse. Most recommend generously applying preperation h to the vent area several times per day to help shrink tissues. In other animals I have soaked the vent area in cool sugar water also and that helped.

I'm sure you'll get lots of good advice. The first time I saw a prolapse was with a pig and it's pen mate was snacking on it. It was nasty; but as bad as her prolapse was she healed and is fat, happy...and will be on my dinner table this fall.
Thanks so much....I did a search, but I don't have prep H on hand and by looking at the other posts none seen to be as severe as this one. I measured the piece of intestine that is out and it is 10 Inches long and I tries to gently put it back in with no success. I did soak it in sugar water and put honey on it too. I took her over to a neighbor who has chickens to see if they could help, but they had never seen anything like it and said I should cull her. If she is alive when my husband gets home I will have him cull her.
Have any of you ever seen that much out and were able to help the chick? Thanks.
I'm sorry to hear that she didn't make it. When I read the post where you said about 10" was hanging out I wasn't feeling too optimistic; but I still hoped not to see that she hadn't made it. You did everything that you could for her.

So sorry he didn't make it.
I tried to hatch several Rhode Island Red eggs, ones that were given to me by a friend. Only one hatched, I cracked open the rest a couple of days after they were supposed to hatch and it's like you described, they were just about grown in the shell, but their, what looked like intestines were in a bubble looking thing in the egg. Like that part of them didn't grow, it was really yucky. I asked our extension director and he said sounds like they had issues with their development, or were diseased. How sad. My one is doing very well. I have some other eggs and a different incubator and trying again. I hope they hatch this time and are healthy.
Sorry again about your chick. That's so sad.

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