Urgent: Quails fighting


In the Brooder
Jul 19, 2021
I have 4 quails 2 golden Italians Tibetan and common brown I have encountered a huge problem. They are foghting

Quail 1
Pecks: Male
Quail 2
Is bullyed by: Quail 3
Quail 2
Pecks: No one
Is bullied by quail 1 and 3
Pecks: No one
Is bullied by: Quail 1
Quail 3
Pecks: Quail 1&2
Is bullied by No one (and is compatible with male
I have split apart the quail

1 with 2
Quail 1 pecks quail too but not as much
And 3 with male

I need to know if I need to seperate them

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