Urgent: Something wrong with baby chick's vent


10 Years
Mar 10, 2013
Indiana USA
I just got them yesterday from my local feed store. It wasn't like this when I brought them home. It happened about 4 hours after and it's gotten worse since yesterday. Any idea what it is and if there's anything I can do for her? All others are fine. She is eating ok and still active but she's losing activity just a little bit.


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I cannot tell if that is an injury, or just poopy/dirty. If poopy, then either leave it alone or wash it carefully.

If it's an injury, maybe segregate the chick from the rest so they cannot pick at it. The chick will need the right temperature (not too hot or cold), plus food and water. It will be happier if it can see and interact with the others--so using a piece of hardware cloth to divide the brooder may be one option.

Some people wash injuries and treat them with various things, some other people just leave them alone. Chickens are often surprisingly good at healing from various injuries, if you keep the others from picking at them while they heal.

I have very little personal experience with injuries, so I'm just parroting what I've read over the years ;)

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