Use Coop for Brooder Going Forward?

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    Question for all of you:

    My coop 4x5, with predator proof run 12x4 will be delivered in the next week. Let's say chicks are 2 to 2.5 weeks old at this point. I have no other chickens. Could I simply make a Mama-Heating Pad, plug it in, line the coop well with shavings, put the six chicks in the coop with water and feed inside the coop, and use that for the brooder? It does get cold here (Montana), currently up to 40F in daytime, maybe 20F at night. The coop is wired for a lightbulb, BTW, and I could temporarily insulate the coop with cardboard etc...I for sure don't want the brooder heatlamp (altho the overhead socket COULD be used for that) in the coop but it seems to me this would be the just keep the chicks in the coop and as they get older let them in the run from time to time....Suggestions?

    Just scratching my head about this....[​IMG]
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    Ha! sounds like the right move at the right time. Ok! have ordered the heating pad, should be here at same time as coop, wow! Never thought i could just raise them outdoors! I had this odd idea that the chicks are so DELICATE and could not survive outside until fully feathered (6 weeks or so, sure I read that somewhere). Outside, less dust/fuss and better for the babies. My coop builder surprised me today by saying the coop/run will be ready for delivery Saturday, 4 weeks before I thought I would have it, so all is right with the world, eh?

    Still...any suggestions abut how to do this welcome! (still a bit scared about the whole idea).
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    See? This shows you're a critical thinker who questions conventional "rules" when they appear to make little common sense. That's how I view the conventions on raising chicks indoors in a box, baking under a heat lamp like so many hamburger patties.

    Give the article a read and then read Blooie's article, too. I'll be right back with the link.


    Read both of our articles and it will give you lots of ideas for making your chicks comfy and happy. You'll be very happy with the results, too, I promise!
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    Ouch [​IMG]
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    That was my thinking too. Mama Hen lets them run all over the place - even in the cold, pecks 'em on the head if they misbehave, doesn't turn her heat down week by week, and doesn't have a nightlight under her wings! At night they go to sleep...all night! They don't eat and drink all night long, expending the energy they need to grow strong. If they get scared they dash under her for security. If they get chilled they scoot under for a quick warmup. So why the heck do we stuff them in a box (cardboard, Rubbermaid, or wood and wire) turn a heat lamp on them 24/7, never give them a safe place to hide, and think we are doing it better than Mom does? It boggles the mind!
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    Thank you Blooie and azygous and Yorkshire Coop for all your help! I read all the articles, super helpful! Coop is here, needs a few finishing touches (hardware store run today lol!) At two weeks, they are now drinking out of a horizontal nipple waterer and slept all thru the night under MHP for the first time!! Still in bathtub but not for long, in fact timing is perfect for a move outdoors in the next couple of days!

    Have to say this morning they are noisy as all get-out but it may be learning the new waterer...
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