Using an old garage door opener for a chicken door opener.


12 Years
May 5, 2010
Milan, MI
I search on this topic, but I never really found anyone with a solid plan on how to do this. Also everything the searches came back with seemed to be old.

So I have an old garage door opener that the nylon screw gears disinegrated. I am thinking I could fit it with a pulley and use some rope instead of the chain that was there. I am not sure this unit has adjustable start/stop points. Also my pop door is NOT a guilletine style, it is hinged on the side with a spring loaded door closer on it. Any ideas on how I could do this. If anyone else has done it I would love to hear what you did and if possible maybe even some pics?
I think my husband is planning to try something similar. We have a few more pressing things to build for the coop first since our girls will be feathered out enough for the great outdoors in a couple weeks. I'll ask if he's worked anything out in his head yet and post details if he does.

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