Using pipe heating tape in winter coop? Your thoughts?

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    Aug 27, 2012
    My 5 hens are all cuddle together on the top shelf of the coop. I was curious about attaching heat tape to the underside of this roosting shelf. What are your thoughts about using the heat tape with a thermostat that turns on at 38 degrees and off at 43. I would need to attach some metal between the tape and shelf. What do you guys think?
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    How funny - I was just having the discussion with a friend earlier today. I've used heat tape for my herps and found it got too hot so I had to put it on a rheostat to turn it down to the right temp for them. If the hens were sitting directly on it, I'm afraid it would be too hot. My friend suggested she was going to put carpeting over the heat tape so diffuse the heat to a comfortable temp for them, and she was also going to put it on a thermostat.

    How thick is your roost board? If it is too thick, I'm afraid the heat tape won't be sufficient to make a difference in temperature.

    Another consideration is that if they grow reliant on the roost being heated, and you have a power outage, they will suffer the cold more than if they were acclimated to a cold roost from the beginning.

    The other reason I probably would not bother is that although the roost might initially be cold when they get on it, they will warm it up with their own body heat sitting on it, so the cold is very short term. Think about sitting on a hard plastic chair and its initially cold but after a few minutes you have warmed it up so its comfortable.
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    On the coldest night, go stick your hand under a roosting hen, that will end all thoughts of heattape.

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