Feb 21, 2015
Logan, UT
Cynthia, how did your Trader Joe eggs go? We tried those out for a New Year hatch after taking a few months break from hatching. No luck with ours! We only ended with a single little black Ameraucana chick from those that we put in.

My hatch a long eggs are from Trader Joes!!!!!   :gig    Austin lives in Taylorsville..brought me home 3 doz.   I have been wanting to try some of those forever.  Get some nice egg layers going by spring.  Not sure they are developing. Only on day 3 tomorrow though.  Maybe I'll see some veins by tomorrow..should do on day 3 with white eggs..right? 

I have silkies due on the 19th..some from the same gal I got these from.  I want a girl like her black one!  Beautiful.  They are from Raven on here. 

Hey, glad that your roosters are getting along.  That's always a plus.  I have a barred rock NN out there..cockerel.  Would be nice if he were one not to crow for a while, then not a lot.  I would like him to breed with my leghorn, and..my white leghorn/EE mix.  

Have fun doing your Christmas stuff Lisa.   Hope all is well!  


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Apr 11, 2010
Yes, my son picked them up for me and brought them down. They were going to be my NYD hatch a long eggs. I knew by the first 5 days, nothing was going to happen.

I may try some again come spring..from a different store up that way. We don't have one down here.


Apr 4, 2015
Planet Earth
For a school project I would like to hatch some eggs so I might be able to observe the development of a chick. However, my mom doesn't want to buy an incubator or keep the chicks. So I was wondering if someone needed some eggs (doesn't necessarily have to be chickens) hatched and would be willing to let me hatch them out. I understand most people like to do it themselves, so if no one wants to share with me I completely understand.
Basically all I would do is just watch the incubator and your fertile eggs for the time needed, then give the chicks and incubator back to you. so if you are really busy with a lot hatches, I could help out. I don't need to have this done until middle of May, so during the busy Easter/spring time, if that is the time that works best for you when you need help, I can do that. I am pretty flexible, so just let me know what works best for you. Thanks!


Jan 20, 2017
South Jordan, Utah
I have a small incubator and awesome egg candler. So I might be able to help you out. I'm in South Jordan. Where are you and how many eggs does your school project require you to hatch?


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Mar 27, 2014
@La Casa de Pollo We are hoping we can get 2 girls from you come spring.....what do you thing the possibility will be and how much?
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Aug 26, 2015
This beautiful boy showed up on my neighbors porch tonight. We are in American Fork. He is very sweet and calm. Pm me if he is yours.

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