Valbazen can be prescribed to humans at 4 mg twice a day, so do I really need to toss the eggs when


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If humans can take a much higher dose of Valbazen than chickens, why do i need to throw out the eggs?

I got the info from the Poison Center that humans can have up to 400mg of Valbazen with no side effects, and that it is prescribed for pinworm in humans at 4mg twice a day for 14 days, so why would 1/2ml given once affect me in any way, especially since a much smaller amount will be in the eggs themselves?

I just hate to throw away food when we hardly have any at home if it is not necessary.
You aren't going to get poisoned by eating eggs from hens wormed with Valbazen. The problem I would have is that you would be ingesting a small amount of worm medicine that you don't need, and this is how we can cause drug resistance in worms. If you need to take Valbazen some day, it may not work as well on you.

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