Variations in a cross (lots of pics)

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  1. Hi! These are all from the same cross ---
    Jersey Giant X {Ameraucana x (Naked Neck x Silkie)}.

    Dark-skin blues no comb or wattles (where'd the wattles go?)

    Another dark-skinned blue no comb or wattles

    dark-skinned black Naked Neck

    close up

    dark-skinned black This hen somehow got in one of the rooster pens and they nearly killed her.

    dark-skinned straight comb black

    close up of another dark skinned straight combed black

    dark-skinned straight combed blue

    another dark-skinned straight combed blue

    Red-skinned black no comb Naked Neck hen. She lays a green egg.

    She is almost the exact match of this red-skin Naked Neck rooster.

    Red-skin blue

    Straight combed dark-skinned black Naked Neck roo

    Blue / red Naked Neck roo

    Another blue / red Naked neck roo

    I think they are some of the ODDEST of odd birds!
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    Sep 3, 2008
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    [​IMG] wow! really cool birds i like the blue-red roo!! thanks for the pics! [​IMG]
  3. Ok I love her!

    You may have just invented a whole new breed!!!!! They are beautiful! [​IMG]

    ETA: They would be cold hardy, since there is no comb or wattles to get frost bitten. [​IMG]
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  4. Ohh, thanks again! Isn't she neat !! (and another project!!) There is another 'fuller-bodied' blue hen from the cross with no comb or wattle that likes to scoot out the gate first thing in the morning and range all day. She doesn't come out of the woods til just in time for evening treats and goes in the big coop to roost.
    I had only planned to use the dark-skinned Naked Neck birds from this cross, but those black-skinned blue no comb girls are so awesome, I have no choice.
  5. Hi! Does anyone know what caused some girls to be wattle-less and comb-less (there is nothing there but a flat spot where a comb should be)?
    The roo I used for the cross has a waddy flat-comb and large wattles. The hens were black Jersey Giants(large combs and wattles).

    I'm not sure if it is the beard/muff/no-wattles trait splitting off into 2 different inherited things or modified pea-comb with one of those genes.
    Or maybe something else entirely?
    I'm finding the 'completely clean-faced' dark-skinned girls really appealing.
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    Mar 21, 2008

    This guy slays me! [​IMG] That HUGE comb on that head and body... LOL

    The blue girls are very appealing though [​IMG] Not sure about that combless wattle-less thing though... maybe some variation of the peacomb gene. [​IMG]
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    Quote:They have combs and wattles, just not very large due to comb type combined with genetics and age. There genes for comb size(for smaller or even humongous sizes) and rose & peas tend to start out and stay very small on pullets for a while, as hens the combs and wattles probably will develop slightly more. I already can see wattles on some hens listed as being combless & wattle-less(like the hen on right in first pic).

    The combination of rose & pea comb with small comb size can make for an almost clean-headed look. It's evident that rose comb is present in your stock(3rd and 4th pic and possibly the blue/red roo on perch. The other hens are too far away to see what comb type they have. Anyways tiny comb size combined with rose comb combined with genes for smooth combs can make hens/pullets that look almost completely combless.

    I'm guessing the small comb size came from the Giants, it seems to me they tend to run towards very small combs.
  8. I dont know if its luck, or just the results of a lot of harmonally challenged chickens in your barnyard, but you have some very interesting crosses!!

    I love the colors of the bluish looking ones! The naked neck rooster is a little scary, but still interesting! LOL
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    Your chickens all look like they mean business! Interesting group. Love the naked neck mix.
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    A true example of diversity. If only more people could be so excited about diversity in other people.

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