venting a coop using a pipe and keeping the coop warm

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    Cool thread following
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    Right! for us w hot summers, the high ventilation is a Must or the coops get over 110* if theyre in the sun. I know someone who built an awesome gravity vent and i drolled over that.

    I too like the idea of poop board ventilation
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    My ventilation is all up high but the pop door is generally open 12 hours per day in the winter. Often 24 hrs/day in the summer (the coop is inside a predator proof run). Moist air is less dense than dry air, if it has nowhere to go you’ll end up with condensation or frost on the ceiling. My roof is slanted so there are openings at two different levels.
    I could only see the pipe working if it’s catching all the moisture at both floor level and chicken level.

    The coop is insulated because we had extra laying around. It isn’t heated, other than from the 5 girls.
    I have a thermometer and hygrometer stuck to one of the windows, about 6” above their heads. Moisture levels are usually the same as outside, the temperature inside is often 2-3 degrees Celsius warmer before I open the pop door in the morning.

    The insulation has the dual purpose of keeping the coop cooler in the summer.

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