Very sick Hen

mebuff daisy

5 Years
Jan 24, 2014
One of my partridge Rocks is very sick , She is very thin but will still eat. Her crop is small and hard , I do not know what to do ?
She is 2 years old and is not wormed. She is feed a layer ration,grit and shell and BOSS,She was limping last winter but she seemed
to get well,Can any one help ? I HATE IT when my hens are sick .
I've no experience with it myself but the small hard crop makes me wonder if its impacted crop. Perhaps try doing a search on here for that and see if it sounds like it. Lots of how to treat impacted crop threads to get you started till someone with more experience chimes in.

Good luck!
I would guess that she has Mareks , but would have to see a picture to be sure. Does she walk at all ,are her wings limp?
Today when I came to the coop I found her dead
Whenever I think about her I cry.Think you for your advice, But my hens seem to get sick way to often , dos anyone know how do prevent sickness?
So sorry for your loss! It is traumatic to lose one of your pets. Some things can't be prevented but you can make sure that your babies have the cleanest conditions possible to prevent some things (mites, etc.) and apparently you should worm them regularly. Check them regularly for weight and appearance. Best of luck in the future.
I'm sorry for your loss!
It is always hard to lose a bird, especially when you don't know what was wrong.

As for preventing sickness, there is no 100% effective way. However, there are a few things you can do:

  • Practice biosecurity. Basically, this means trying to prevent disease/parasites from entering your flock in the first place. Some biosecurity measures include: using disinfecting footbaths before entering your coop, never buying old birds, not trading equipment with other poultry owners, minimizing visitor contact with your flock, and quarantining all new birds for at least two weeks.
  • Strengthen your birds' immune systems by giving them vitamins in their water, supplementing them with probiotics, or trying another "natural" disease preventative, like garlic.
  • Keep your coop clean. Disease is less likely when coops are cleaned regularly and thoroughly.
  • Observe your chickens closely, so you can remove sick birds as soon as possible. Watch for slight lethargy, a change in laying, eating, or drinking habits, and any other unusual symptoms.
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