Very sick kitten :-(


11 Years
Aug 26, 2008
Lexington, Kentucky
My kitten (about 18 weeks old) has had diarrhea for three or four weeks now. He's gotten visibly sicker in the past few days, so I took him to the vet today. The vet said his large intestine is very swollen and he has symptoms of lethal corona virus.
He also told me there was a small chance it could be something else, so he gave the kitten a sulfur drug and something that would combat cocci and similar protozoa.

I gave the poor kitty his medicine tonight and two minutes later he puked it all back up. :|

Anyone have any advice? I will be so sad if he dies, I'm so worried about him. We don't have much money, but I'll do anything I can to make him feel better...
Has he had his shots? I'm curious if he got this even with shots. I had friends whose dog got parvo, even with the vaccination. I know that corona is usually fatal, sorry. I hope it's something else but it sure doesn't sound very positive right now. So sorry.
I'm so sorry your sweet kitten is so sick.

Crud, on the meds not staying down. What does the vet say to do? See if there is anything they can recommend to help with nausea.

Did he do any tests or his analysis based just on physical exam? Any possibility of getting another opinion - maybe contacting a university vet hospital and seeing if anyone will talk to you on the phone?

Hoping very much that things will turn around.
I'm so sorry about your baby I really hope he doesn't have corona.

Just keep trying to give him the meds tell he eats them. Some time mixing them with cottage cheese will help (if the meds mix) or yogurt if they like yogurt.

Keep him hydrates and warm. Good luck.
I think the biggest thing would be a way for him to keep fluids down? I am wracking my brain but cant think of anything. I hope your kitten pulls through.
Thanks for all the responses!

He has had his basic shots...the rabies and a couple others, but not the corona one.

He's better today! Maybe it's not a lethal virus. I'm so happy. He was freezing cold last night, so I had him all snuggled up. I was very worried he was going to die. Then, a few hours after he threw up the medicines, I sat down to eat a hamburger, and he jumped up and came running to me begging for some. I was shocked, since he only had his eyes half open and glazed the last time I'd checked on him. I gave him tiny pieces of the beef and they all stayed down. Maybe some of the medicine stuck to his stomach lining and didn't come up and it had already started to help? I gave him the meds several hours apart today instead of both at once, and he kept them down. He even had a mushy but sort of formed poop today compared to the puddles he's been having! Tonight his nose got bright pink, it had been very pale peach. (He's a white and orange kitten.) I hope he keeps improving.
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ahh!!..i hope he gets better for ya!...kittens are the best thing!!..and here i am stressing cause i just found out my Gibby(cat) is pregnant....and you might lose yours..makes me re-think things a bit.. appreciate that shes healthy at least...all my thought are with the baby....
..keep us posted..Wendy
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So glad to log on this morning and read that your kitten is perking up!
See if some really high quality kitten foods will sit well - not the grocery store crud but the kind in the high quality section of pet food places.......

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