Very weird looking egg!

Yay Chicks!

9 Years
Apr 15, 2010
Forest Grove, OR
I posted this to another thread about my girls eating a shell-less egg. Within the hour of my BR laying the shell-less egg, she laid this thing (She's been laying beautiful eggs for weeks - she's 26 weeks old):

I know! It does look like some kind of cushion!

Chickenbottom, thank you, but this is just a weird blip. She gets layer feed, oyster shell and crushed egg shell (plus greens, yogurt etc.).
One of my chickens produced an egg like that for me too. Mine had a hard shell but was wrinkled up, just like yours. She also would lay soft ones sometimes. She has stopped laying wierd eggs now and lays nice large normal eggs almost every day.
Had one of those in my very first flock, I was pretty disappointed, until I realized it wasn't so unusual for a first.

Who said that it looked like a mini air bag..too funny!

And someone else said a pin not use for one...not sure what would come out of that!

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