Vet bills?

Possibly cheaper in Calgary but mine was $150 for exam, injection with baytril, a tube feeding and abut 10 days worth of baytril oral antibiotic. To leave her there for meds and feedings every day would have been $50/day.
I bought 4 new silkies and 1 of them has noticeable sour crop, the other 3 look like they have either early stages of sour crop or something but they have a lumpy crop too.
It varies greatly depending upon the area and the outlook of the veterinarian. I know of a person who had a c-section done on a beagle for $350 and in the same area (different vet) another friend paid over $2000 for a c -section. I also know of someone who paid $850 for a mis diagnosis of heat prostration on a dog that was suffering from Lyme disease. Just as with human doctors prices and degree of competency vary greatly from vet to vet. Call and get prices in advance. When you find a good vet, stick with him/her. They are a rarity and a treasure.
Ill be honest with you, Im not sure. It goes away over night. But balloons during the day. Does that mean its not sour crop?
If you are feeling a lump in the throat/chest area that goes away over night you are probably just feeling a full crop. This is normal. Chickens fill their crop with food throughout the day, and then move it along the digestive process overnight. If there was a problem the birds crop would not empty on its own...or at least that's how I understand it. Are your birds otherwise acting normal? Active, eating and drinking well, alert? If so, then they are probably fine. Try doing a search for sour crop symptoms and see if your birds are exhibiting any of them....other than a lump. Hope that helps.

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