10 Years
May 29, 2009
South East Idaho
Ok.............this is kind of cool. The chickens decided it was time to retire at about 7:15 tonight. Really odd since they don't usually go to bed until around 9ish or so. Anyway, went out to lock them up thinking I might as well take advantage of the situation and the song birds were going nuts. Looked up and here is what was causing everyone trouble.


Don't see them very often. Sure had the birds on their toes.
Beautiful Owl........I had a beautiful Owl kill 4 of my chicks. The way to tell is the body is missing and the Owl leaves you a nice collection of feathers.
They come out when it's still light out. BE CAREFULL !!!! If the chicks have a covered run, they'll be ok.
Wow - great photo.

Last summer I had a big white owl give me a fly-by when I was taking out the trash. He must have been sitting on my roof. It had a 4-5 ft. wingspan - freaked me right out when it came down over my head out of no where! I couldn't believe how QUIET it was. Be careful with your chickies.

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