Vitamin Deficiency?


Dec 18, 2020
So took the chicken to the vet, they think it’s a vitamin deficiency and gave her a shot of B Vitamins and a few others. Added B12 to all the water and hers too. Not sure what type of vitamin deficiency, as I am trying to match symptoms on Google. She is still kenneled with food and water and is still laying. This is her, any thoughts or ideas?
No new hens in the flock and the nearest flock is 3/5 of a mile away.
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B vitamins, thiamine and riboflavin in particular, can sometimes cause hock sitting, curled toes, or other neuromuscular symptoms, so treating for those is usually the first step. Marek's disease is also a possibility, there is no treatment for that other than supportive care. Since B vitamins are water soluble and extra is excreted, I would get an oral B complex tablet (human ones) grind it up and mix in some moistened feed daily, and see if you get some improvement over the next week or two.
I forgot I never replied to this thread. What I found on BYC was vitamin deficiency. Did she ever get better?

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