Want quail for meat. How should I start?

if you are wanting for meat/eggs...there is only one more question, you want white meat or dark.

Texas A&Ms for white
Jumbo Coturnix for dark

both birds have the ability to lay eggs all year, and get very nice size for meat production, there is a sticky at the top of the quail forum you should really check it out, it goes in depth about taking care of coturnix.
Sorry man, no white meat on a coturnix... Not A&M's either... No coturnix have white meat... only white feathers....Bill
I raised coturnix for meat. I rotated my stock every 10 weeks. I would get a coupla weeks of laying so I could gather eggs for incubating, then keep about 6 for eggs until the next batch was old enough to lay, then rotated. For eating, My dd and I would eat one, and the guys would eat two each. so when I butchered, I packaged them at 6 in a pack. Space requiements, I owuld keep about 8 in a 2'x2' enclosure. In winter, I would put more in so hey could keep each other warm.
Bobwhites for the 'ultimate white meat'. BUT, if you do your homework on what's involved in Bobs vs. Cots, ya gotta REALLY want to invest a lot of time & $$$ in the Bobs to reap the ejoyment of the 'ultimate white meat'....... That's MY opinion...
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