WANTED Female Pet Goose - Will Pay through Paypal - Friendly, Handled

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    Apr 6, 2012
    I am looking for a friend for my pet female goose. Sebbie, Roman, Buff, Canada or any breed if it is nice & has been handled some. Only want a female to be a friend to mine. I will pay for the goose and I will pay for shipping and your expenses. I put $200 because some people who breed and show say I will only sell for that much, I say ok, I will pay that much.

    Somewhere out there has a female 2013 goose that could ship to me if I paid for the goose, the box and other expenses. I have money. I don't have a female goose that has been handled, except for my lonely one. I don't want a wild domestic goose, but one that has been held & is not terrified of people. I realize she will be terrified of everything at first, but I do seem to have a knack for them.

    ps I would rather not pay a w h o l e $200; kind of being sarcastic - sorry. Just a normal price that you can raise some, since I'm new. LOL!! But really, go ahead; it is worth it to me, if you'll ship me a sweet female goose!!

    A good forever home! [​IMG]
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