Warts on my Ducks' Bills and Feet

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Sep 21, 2019
A few of my Pekin ducks have warts on their bills and feet. They look like and feel like human warts. Not soft like a blister and not hard like a rock but firm. On the bills it looks like they erupted through the skin not on the skin. Does anyone know what this is and how to cure it? It looks painful.
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Thank you. I just Googled it - spread by mosquitoes (boy, do I have those!) and no cure. There is a preventative vaccine though.
I had a rooster with fowl pox once. It took a few weeks, but ran its course and he was back to his beautiful self. The picture is showing dry pox, which is what my rooster had. What you need to watch for is wet pox. Look inside your ducks mouth for lesions. If they are there, tell us. I don't know what the treatment is for that, but many others do. Good luck with your duck! I'm sure all will be okay soon.


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I’ve not seen anything like that on my ducks, and don’t remember any posts here like it either. I was thinking scabs from something, and mosquitos would seem possible!

I’d try soaking the feet in Epsom salt water, and see if the darkness is just on the surface, and what the bumps look like underneath. Some antibiotic ointment would be fine to use on them.

Maybe @Miss Lydia or @Pyxis might have some ideas too.

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