Was having good luck with chickens all of sudden not!

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    Sep 7, 2016
    South dakota
    I have had respiratory or what I thought was the problem. Things where good. Now it is not again. I have had some chickens that have appeared to starve themselves to death. But other ones in coop are ok. One rooster had ash black marks on waffle and comb. Suspecting fowl pox. Anyone help with this? The other two where young pullets and could not see no eveidence of fowl pox. Had another rooster that was very lethargic, was giving him antibiotics and vitamins but he too has died and also had ash black spots also sounded like it might be the wet pox also. Other chickens along with the Guineas in the coop are seeming fine but have one other one confined. How do I make sure the other ones do not come done with it? Also if they had it are the carrier for life? So every time I introduce new chickens they will become sick? Also what disinfectant works the best to try and kill the virus in the coop?

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