Was I not meant to have pets? RIP Gustavo 7.24.11 - 9.4.11


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Nov 11, 2008
I'm devastated at the moment.

I lost all my chickens to predators over the years. I kept getting more and they kept getting killed. Then my best friend who was a chihuahua (Thania) had to go to heaven this year after being with me for about 7 wonderful years. I got another dog a few months after her death (a chihuahua named Gustavo) and he died earlier this morning and I'm afraid that if I get another dog it will be the same pattern that was going on with my chickens. So I guess I wasn't meant to own any pets. This thread is mainly to remember them because I wont be owning a pet ever again. All the links posted below are the threads I started when I got new chickens and when I lost chickens.

Smallest chick I've ever seen and had.
His death.

I got new chickens

Pics of some of my chickens that died

All my chickens got killed

More pics of my chickens that died

My step-dad's dog killed my chickens

More chickens got killed

More pics of my chickens and Thania my chihuahua

I had to get rid of my chickens

My last chicken got killed

They are not in order.

I don't know how old Gustavo was (maybe like 4 months when I got him on 7.24.11). I was younger and didn't know that much English so please forgive me for any mistakes or nonsense that I wrote since I was little immature back then when I barely registered. Why did I have to be so attached to them....RIP Thania, Gustavo, and all my pets that I've had my whole life

Gustavo 7.24.11 - 9.4.11

Thania 1.6.11 - 4.20.11

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Skitz, I am so sorry. Don't let this discourage you from having more pets. What was better; having him for two months, or not having him at all?
I just feel terrible...I feel like I'm the one that's killing them and it was better having him for two months.
I just feel terrible...I feel like I'm the one that's killing them and it was better having him for two months.

It was not you, trust me. Don't blame yourself. Things like this happen

So sorry!
on the other threads, did you go into detail about your set up? Does that have anything to do with your birds getting killed? Can you, if you haven't done so, post about that so maybe we can help you get a Fort Knox set up and dogs cannot get to your birds?
I'm so sorry! It's probably your setup, I've been through SO many animal deaths that I can't count, but we kept fighting on, finding better ways to protect them, and so far we're doing well. So keep trying, I'll pray for you! I'm sure you'll have success!
Very sorry for your loss. Hope you will reconsider and get more pets.Each one is such a gift with their quirky personalities. I have had some die,but many I have had to put down for one reason or another.It stinks and I swaer I will never get another,but we always do.
Hugs to you Skitz. Our beloved Dog Ozzie died recently, just about a month ago. I knew him for most of my life, we were about the same age in human years. My entire family loved him, and he loved us. Now I'm scared of getting a horse, knowing that it too shall someday die. I don't think I can bear it when my dog Benny, or my dog Zoe die.
But, even if it hurts beyond belief, you eventually move on. They'll always stay in our hearts, the one's that have passed.
R.I.P Gustavo!

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