Watery eye in 4 wk old chick


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May 10, 2015
So about 2 wks ago I noticed one of my chicks with a watery eye. I asked someone who knows a bit about chickens, and they suggested I separate him from the rest, and I did.

It's been 2 wks, and while his eye isn't 100%,
it most definitely has not worsened, nor has he become symptomatic of anything else. His appetite, droppings, growth and behavior are all normal. No swelling, sneezing, cough, or bubbles in the eye. Nothing other than a teary eye. The breeder said it may possibly be that his eye lid doesn't close all the way.

My question is, if he was developing a reapiratory disease, would he have developed more symptoms or grown progressively worse 2 wks later? I would love to reunite him with his feathermates!

Please help!
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I would slowly place him back with his flock, while you are there to keep him from getting hurt. They may have already forgotten him, but putting him back now is best. I would agree that he probably doesn't have anything contagious, since there is not sneeze or cough. An eye ointment such as plain triple antibiotic/neosporin or vetericyn eye gel may be applied to the eye to see if it improves.
I did try neosporin initially, and it improved, but still watered. I know it isn't tearing off, because his face no longer appears damp. Definitely NO sign of coughing, sneezing, foaming or bubbling at the eye, nose or mouth. I just put him back, and no one batted an eye. That has been my concern all along--IF this was indeed respiratory or contagious, would he have gotten worse? It also never moved to his other eye. I'm sure he's happy to be back with everyone. 2 wks with zero signs of anything else. I don't mind a teary eye as long as it wasn't anything related to RD, which I'm convinced now, it isn't.
Maybe he just had something wrong with a tear duct or something had irritated that eye. Sometimes we never know the answers, but it is good that he is back with his buds and everything is alright.

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