Wattles: One much larger than the other.

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    This thread is in no way urgent as the roo is now no longer alive; he was killed by a foxat the beginning of last year, but I was always curious about the subject. He was a Blue Andalusian and I bought him as a 10 week old. As he grew older I noticed that only one wattle was growing, the other side was vestigal (he looked like a hen seen from that side)!! The other(long side) grew much longer than usual in Andalusians, almost twice the length! I had another roo to compare him with. Does anyone have any ideas to why this happens? Oh! by the way there was no sign on the tiny side that he had been attacked. Sorry I have no photos but his death happened before I joined BYC & realised I should photograph abnormalities like this. Hope you can help me solve this mystery. Many thanks in advance. Hattie
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    No clue. Very interesting though. Guess we'll have to keep an eye out for this one, with 23,000 members that own a half million chickens it's bound to pop up again.

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