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Just wanted to pop in and introduce myself quickly. Here's a little blurb about me:

I'm married and have a son and a babydog, three other (much loved) dogs, a cat, and numerous goldfish/koi. I love to create anything artistic and have many hobbies. I keep children during the day, along with running the domestics in the household. My husband works at a bronze sculpture foundry, and we have been together since freshman year of highschool. Some of my interests are crochet, drawing and painting, pyrography, nature, fishkeeping, owls, canoeing, ... I won't bore you with the whole list lol!

I grew up with poultry: chickens, turkey, duck, and the occasional batch of quail. Now I have a small pet quality flock of Silkies: a splash rooster, a smutty buff rooster, 4 white hens, a lavender hen, and 5 partridge 6 month old pullets (and 2 more cockerels that are destined for new flocks elsewhere). I have a very small separate flock as well, consisting of a red bantam Cochin roo, a blind Barred Rock hen, and a Silkie/RIR cross hen. (I just hatched a nice clutch of Silkies about two weeks ago, and slipped a couple of the Silkie/RIR x Cochin eggs under Miss Broody successfully. I can't wait to see how they turn out when they fledge!) I keep my birds for eggs and bug patrol. Never raised meat birds, but not opposed to it I guess. *shrugs*

Anyway, yeah. That's me in an egg... err, I mean nutshell!

And for my Show n' Tell... Here's a pic I drew of Sorrel, my smuttybutt sweetheart!<33
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pleased you joined the flock


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Hello and welcome from Ohio....so glad you joined BYC

Neat intro and love your drawing. Beautiful :)

Best wishes on your broody hatch

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