Wazine for Round Worms


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Jul 3, 2012
I was told by a vet. to use Wazine to treat my flock for round worms. (We had lost 1/2 of the flock before an autopsies diagnosed round worms.) The vet told us to use it once a week for three weeks, with a 14 day withdrawal period for the eggs at the end of the treatment. The bottle of Wazine clearly states, "Do not use in hens producing eggs for human consumption." Does anyone know which information is correct? Thanks.


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Hi chickenloco,

I used Wazine the first time I wormed chickens - and it has been over a year and a half ago. I did discard the eggs for the 14-day period---and began eating eggs from those chickens -- and lo and behold -- I lived.

I think that the company puts that type of labeling on the bottle for CYA purposes....and also to apply to the egg-discard period. I'm surprised your vet said 3-weeks, because if I remember correctly the bottle says 2-doses 1-week apart. I guess your vet wants to be super diligent.

What vets have told me is that the medications would only be harmful to humans if they had a specific alergy to the active ingred. in those meds. If you or someone in your family or who would eat the eggs had that specific alergy -- then maybe they shouldn't eat the eggs?? just guessing here.

My take is you can go ahead and eat the eggs after the discard period.

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