We are First time BBB owners. What is this guy doing?

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by DarkWater1929, Mar 31, 2017.

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    Jan 27, 2015
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    We have adopted a ten-month-old broad breasted bronze Tom, who had been intended for Christmas dinner, but whose previous owner didn't have the heart to put him on the table, thank goodness. He seems to be settling in here well, except when humans come near. Then he puffed up, booms and wants to bump his chest against my husband, also trying to position himself behind me, as though he had lurid thoughts! Alarming!

    We have also noticed that his fabulous wattles and snood change from a deep Crimson to white sometimes. What does this mean? Is he being aggressive, or romantic, or both?

    Our son came home wearing a neon orange shirt yesterday, and Boomer, the turkey, attacked him. I wondered if perhaps it was the color of the shirt that provoked the aggressive behavior. Any thoughts on this?

    Boomer is a beautiful bird and I would very much like for him to become part of the family. But unless we can begin to understand his behavior, it will be difficult for anyone to relax in his presence. Will he ever stand down, do you suppose?

    Any input would be most welcome! Thank you so much


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    Good morning! It sounds like your tom is exhibiting some male-dominance behaviors. My bourbon red tom does some of the same things; he's only 18 months old, so he might become more assertive over time.

    My tom Muffin's snood and wattle get white colored when he seems to be in distress/angry; also, his snood shrinks down to nubbin size when hes surprised or startled. His skin turns a vibrant red and blue combo when he "gets his gander up." He also struts for us almost ALL day; then when we leave he goes back to regular-bird-mode.

    He may not ever "relax" in people's company, but that doesn't mean he won't still be approachable and civil. Ive never had a problem with mine, even though he struts when we're around. Ive found that trying to grab/pet him makes him run away and put his feathers away. Maybe you can just push him around a little and get him to realize youre not just items for him to lay claim to.

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