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Sep 5, 2019
i am the proud mom to a Toulouse goose named Bayou. I made sure he imprinted on us when we was a baby. (Sometimes I regret that. Lol) my theory was if he imprinted on us he wouldn’t be aggressive towards us. We started having him come in at night for safety because a skunk was killing chickens at night. Now it has become a habit. (BTW how do you break habits? Lol) Am I crazy by seeing “human” behaviors in him like acting like a spoiled toddler. Lol Example: He likes to play with us and will mess with us until we do. (Soft nips and pulls on our clothes.) He knows how to annoy you until he gets what he wants. He likes to pull things I’m working on off my lap and throw them on the floor. Then annoy me until I pick them back up so he can do it again. He will actually honk loudly at me or turn and pout if I tell him no! But I don’t know how to get him to like other people, or how to tell if he likes them. What does his low soft noises mean when he is going to sleep? What does his low honks mean when he is looking at me? It’s like he is asking me a question. Lol
Anyway, I appreciate any advice or stories to show me I’m not the only one who has a toddler like goose.
You’ve created a monster. LOL. Any way you can build a pen and house outside then get a goose friend for your goose? They are very intelligent and stubborn and do so much better if they have one of their own to live with an be a goose. Poor thing is confused. The soft noises your goose makes when sleeping is contentment. You say he if this really is a gander your going to be sorry you raised him inside once hormones kick in he’ll want to mate with you. But please don’t just kick him outside geese just like other poultry and animals need security especially at night predators are everywhere just waiting on an opportunity for a free meal.
I’m not sure he is a “he”. I’m not sure how to tell. Bayou is about 4 months. That is why I have been bringing him in at night...for safety. How do I introduce another goose to him? Sadly, I don’t have anyone around here that is selling geese. I do have a chicken coop I can lock him in at night. I am a push over with him. But how do I transition him to the coop? Will him having another goose friend change the way he interacts with me/us? Thank you for responding. And yes, I know I created a monster. My older kids have left for college, so it’s just me and all my attention has gone to my critters. Lol
@DiYMama540 just brought home a goose friend for her lone goose maybe she can give tips on introducing. Being flock animals I don’t think it would take long before they would be fast friends and of course there will always be a bond between you and your gosling. I raised a Muscovy drake from hatch because his mama wanted to kill him he is 8 yrs old now and him and I are best buds even though he has 4 girls of his own. The coop will need to be fortified if metal is chicken wire hardware cloth is best for keeping out preds and a good sturdy top attached so nothing can climb in or fly inside.
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Oh my goodness! I agree with Miss have created a monster:gigThat's ok though, I have several feathered monsters of my own with bad habits.
But yes, I don't know if you have any other birds other than the goose, but they do need a pal of their own species. I thought BB would always be content with her duck crew, and she is bonded with them, but Tom the drake is now trying to kick her out of the tribe...soo...thus started my search for a goose buddy!
I've started with short supervised visitation, because neither Chance nor BB even knew what another goose was. No problems so far, I even left them in the pen together overnight last night, when they are less likely to be active and fighting for any reason, just aware of each other's presence.

The only negative thing I've found with this method of putting BB in the pen with Chance is she thinks she's being punished or something...she's used to having free range of the yard and now all of a sudden, someone's put BB in the corner (movie reference intended :love) However, when Chance comes out to the yard with the rest of the flock, he finds his way to the food and water, and camps.
I imagine though it wouldn't be quite as easy under different circumstances, but we're always here to help!!

If you're really considering finding a mate, I would first determine the gender of your goose...there are some YouTube videos on vent sexing if you're comfortable with that. Then you could look for either a mate (bf/gf) or stick with 2 girls...2 ganders may not get along so well when it's time to mate.
I have a pheasant and handful of chickens with one rooster. That all free range during the day (I have a fenced in yard so they primarily stay in my yard and back pasture.) at night they are locked up in the barn or chicken coop for safety. I had a much larger flock until coccidia took out all of my babies and then a skunk decided to go shopping. That is the initial reason the goose started coming in at night. (But honestly, it was a good excuse because I am a bleeding heart and didn’t want him sleeping alone at night.) but I’m thinking it’s time to start having him sleep in the barn with some of the other chickens. He will have plenty of room and it’s safe and warm. Should I move his pool in there?
Yes he needs a buddy. It will give him someone else to annoy who will probably correct him if needed.

You asked how to get him to like other people. Socialization will help him get along with others. What is his favorite treat? Mine love corn. If someone is coming over, I give them a little baggy of corn they can share with the geese if needed. Normally we sit out side and talk and correct behaviors that not acceptable.

Mine are currently 12 weeks old and are still learning manners. (And no breeding season yet) “Don’t bite” is one of the first commands they learned. No nibbles or tugging at cloths/shoes/hair has been allowed since they came home at 2 days old. If I say no bite they sometimes stand there quivering since they know it’s not allowed but you can tell they really want too. Just be consistent with your rules since you are the head of the flock.

Mine are so easily bribed. Give them corn or watermelon and their your friend for life.

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