Oct 29, 2019
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My Coop
In a previous post I made, I described the symptoms of our Polish Roo (about a year and a half old). For months, he has been very lethargic and his comb has been pale for some time now. We lost a cockerel about a month or two ago and he showed similar symptoms; he was the last bird we tried to hatch, and was the son of the roo at hand. He would stand still and puffed up in the coop, and would let us touch him (unusual), and eventually he just fell asleep in the coop, and died in my arms a few hours later. Details can be found here:

This guy will often stand away from the flock, doesn't move around a whole lot either. He started to show symptoms after we got rid of another Roo we had, who was very aggressive, and would fight with the polish often. The polish did get himself knocked out once or twice during their fights, but he ended up being the alpha. He would chase the other roo around the yard, and would keep with the flock all day. Now, he lays around all day, and most times isn't even with the flock.

The previous roo we lost (I think) died of a fatty liver plus extra complications, the liver problem brought on by the flocks feed (medicated starter, now switched to all flock). When we switched to all flock, the polish started to get better, he became more active and started to move a lot more.

We have been out of town for a week, and we got word he had started to "not look like himself" early yesterday morning; we just got home last night. I'm curious if he could have been fighting with our up and coming roo, that could have resulted in injury? I also haven't ruled out that he had some sort of brain injury during his first round of fighting several months ago...
With that, I don't know if he has been receiving the proper food for the past week.

We also thought he could be going blind, making it harder for him to find food and water, but he went to out waterer last night on his own, and managed to get on his roost (lower than usual, but still). He has always let us pick him up and get close to him, so I can't really test if he is going blind.

Here is the link to the previous post I made about him. Warning: Necropsy pictures are later in the post, relevant information is on the first two pages:

Taking him to the vet really isn't an option for us, believe me I hate it too.

This is my third and most dire post about this bird, so I'm at the end of my rope. I just need something
When I walk into the coop, he makes noise and looks around a bit. He has started to sit on the back part of his legs, but he has done this a lot before so I don't think its a big deal. However, he goes back to being puffed up and still after I walk in. He reacts a little bit when I move my hand around his face but not a lot. He did start to stand up when I walked in front of him though.

We just fed him a scrambled egg, with some probiotics, which he ate a fair bit of.
You’ll get more responses if you post current pictures of him. Are his droppings green? Pictures are more important than words.
I'll try to get some pictures of him now. His droppings are a bit green, but they don't look out of the ordinary, plus the vet would have probably said something about them... I don't know

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