We are getting exited!


7 Years
May 28, 2012
Bolivar, Ohio
About nine months ago, my wife and I were sitting in our large victorian home in the only room we really use. (the family room we call "the tavern room")

We were having a depressing conversation about how although we are approaching retirement age, we will never be able to retire due to our mortgage, house insurance, utilities, etc. The conversation then turned to how much space we clean, heat, cool and maintain that we never use. The guest room gets used about once a year. The dining room almost never any more. Our two daughters are grown, married and have kids. They would much prefer we come to their homes rather than pack all the kids and misc. equipment they require. lol

Most of our holidays are now spent rotating between the kids. I started looking on the internet and found this huge movement to "downsize". Tumbleweed homes are one way, but a little TOO small for our tastes. But small is ok. I played around with some designs and drawings until I came up with the perfect home for us. 540 sq. ft. We found some land, bought it and started construction on October, 2011. We are just about done. All that remains is the well and septic, and of course............a chicken coupe. :)

We hope to move and put our current home up for sale some time in early August.

Tim and Leslie
At my point in life seems like the way to go. We have a small ranch on a nice piece of land, and as long as I can pay the taxes guess we'll stay here. Excited for you!
I would LOVE to have a house in the country "COUNTRY"..instead of the outskirts of a small town...

we have 15 yrs left to pay on this house...but I'm praying that we can pay this off early..then sell it and move!!!
AWESOME! That is my goal as well, I have no desire to live in a mcmansion, I dream of living in exactly what you are describing. When my hubby and I were first married we bought our first house, all of 530 square feet of it. To this day I still love that house (even though it was sold to move on to bigger and supposedly better) the layout worked well, it was cheap to heat, electric bill was miniscule, honestly some of best memories were made in that house. We have now lived in houses in the 2-3500 foot range and I have hated each and every one, so called luxuries and all

Please post pictures!
Too funny, I have already visited your blog in the past, I must have found it through other small house searches! Can't wait to see the finished results, very excited and happy you are able to make it happen and retire on your terms, not the banks.

It is GORGEOUS btw.
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Here is a link to our blog with.

WOW great job! I really like it!! Esp love the door handles! the white inside actually looks great and I love the floors as well.

IF, i do another house, we'll do something like yours! Thanks for sharing your progress...

but.......the only thing I ask is if you could change the color of the font on your blog, it's too hard to read in the 2012 posts!!!
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Quote: I totally agree, that is how I recognized it so quickly, the font is almost impossible to read being orange against the background.....But it is still awesome to see the progress
you really have done a fantastic job!
Absolutely adorable and inspirational! Can't wait to give this a good read over on the weekend. Great work from inside to out.

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