We have our chicks!


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Feb 5, 2010
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The chickies are here!
We got 1 black sex-link, 2 Bard Rocks, 2 Rhode Island Reds and 1 Buff Orpington, and they are so cute!
They took to the water really fast, I thought it would take them awhile, but they were pretty thrirsty it seems.
Noisey little buggers though, peep, peep, PEEP!
Yes, yes--don't put chicks on newspaper, or, shred it first. As said above, they can get spraddle leg.

Yup, cute little things.

Ah! Ok, I will shred the newspaper first, I didn't know about that. I have a thin layer of wood shavings in there now, is that enough or will it still be as slippery?

We are having a bit of a problem with one of the Red's pecking the other chicks in the eyes, is that normal or does that mean it's an aggresive chicken? I would exchange it, if it is.
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Mamasan, My chicks pecked each other's eyes occasionally at first, before they figured out that not everything small and round is food. LOL. If she's actually hurting the other chicks, I would worry!
I love the white "cotton ball" butts! I had Black Australorps and Dominiques, both with the white cotton ball butts. Enjoy them 'cause they go away fast!

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