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  1. piglett

    piglett Songster

    Feb 22, 2012

    Well i went to pick up my peeps & they ended up hatching late , not sure why.....
    anyhow so i said i'll come back in 48 hours once they are all dry & ready to go.
    out of the 36 they had only 9 hatched out.
    come to find out "little fingers" got into the room & cranked up the heat & a bunch of the eggs just got over heated & didn't make it. anyhow i wanted 12 so i'll go back next week & get the remaining chicks out of the next batch they have. what i got was buff Orpingtons which don't mind the new hampshire cold once they are freathered out, also they are said to be great at forageing so in warm weather my feed bill should be low.

    i have them all eating & drinking at this point so everything looks good so far
    i am also checking that their bottom is not got poop stuck to it

    all the chicks look alike but 1
    it is all blond , i hope they didn't add some other kind of chick to my batch : (
    i guess i'll know in a few weeks

    thanks for looking

  2. theoldchick

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    May 11, 2010
    Congrats on the survivors! I hope they continue to do well! I like that little feeder, too.
  3. piglett

    piglett Songster

    Feb 22, 2012
    hey thanks
    the feeder is a stainless steel box that i used to have some drill bits in
    i built the top but they like to climb up on it : (
    i'll add something to the center so they can't get in the middle
    maybe a strip of plywood on it's edge.
    one has died (found it last night when i got home from work)
    the rest are all doing well & are active.

    i added a dimmer switch to my heat lamp so it's not 130f rite under the lamp
    i don't want to cook them......well maybe some of the roos once they get bigger : )
    my wife has a great chicken adobo dish that she makes so all but 1 roo will have to end up in the pot. no point in having a bunch of roosters making the people who live on either side of me mad.
    my wife is from the Philippines & nothing gets thrown out with her


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