We took the plunge!

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6 Years
Apr 23, 2013
We had been talking about it for months, so we finally got us some day olds. They arrived on April 9th and are doing great!

From left to right: Ginger (RIR), Dot (Dominique), Mystery (Barred Rock), Sylvia Grey (Silver Laced Wyandotte) and Henrietta (RIR).

We call the RIRs Ginny and Henny because they were almost identical when we recieved them. Therefore, they received rhyming names =).

Mystery was an "extra chick" that was a surprise to us when we opened the box. When she first arrived, we couldn't quite tell if she was a male Dom or a female Barred Rock. I think that was from our ignorance, but that was a great learning experience.

Dot....well she is smaller, more calm and snugglier than the others.

Yay! Why didn't we have chickens this whole time?!
Thanks so much! They are so sweet and adorable. I think we are definitely chicken people.

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