Weak Chicks...Speckled sussex*2 died*Update on Survivor

Big Red's Mom

11 Years
Nov 15, 2008
Terry, Mississippi
I just picked up my 12 chicks from the local co-op.
They order from Ideal. I got 3 Black Aust. 3 silver laced wynd. 3 EEs 3 speckled sussex.
The speckled sussex are small and are not sure on their feet. One is very weak. It will drink and kinda eats. I have them in with the rest for warmth. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I can do to help them get better? I really do not want to lose them.
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Please post pics - I have perfectly fine and cute peeps of my own I could be watching (and do, often!), but I want to see yours!! Seriously, good luck getting the little ones healthy - I second the idea of separating the weaker ones. The others don't seem to realize how rude it is to step all over everyone else...
Okay I have gotten some pictures.....The three sussex are doing better. Eating and drinking and moving around better now... Still not as good as the others but better.

Easter Eggers


White Rocks

Sussex are the two standing together.

Black Aust. Silver Laced Wynd. EEs and Sussex

I am glad I talked the lady at the co op into letting me take her home...Maybe she will make it with alittle TLC.
Well this morning the weak chicks took a turn for the worse...They had been doing better....Late this afternoon I found one dead and the other laying face down. I held her for about an hour before she passed. I had gotten three speckled sussex and I have one left...It looks great...Small but great....Maybe she will make it....I sure hope so.
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I am so sorry about your little sussex's

I have one little sussex that is 4 days behind the other chicks, and she seems so small, but she is a little trooper--has to keep up with the others! I love her already. Please keep us posted on your last little one.

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