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Apr 20, 2013
As I stated in an earlier thread, my chicks are approximately 3 weeks old and feathering out nicely. My plan was to keep them in my sunroom until time for the Coop outdoors. Temps in my home stay between 68-73 degrees.
I have read that some people turn off the heat lamp periodically to encourage more feather growth, and others leave it on, only lowering or raising it to adjust the temp down 5 degrees per week.
At times they huddle when they sleep under the light, but other times hudle close by but not directly under it. It will be warm here in NC today so me might venture outside for a little playtime today!
Will they get "nervous" or anxious when it is off?
Thanks for your input
Most of mine are about 4 weeks old right now. 4 are a few weeks older. Anyway, I keep them in the house for the time being and I am no longer using the heat lamp. I started by leaving it off during the daytime hours and then Sunday started leaving it off all the time. They are doing fine. I keep my house whatever it is outside unless it gets cold and then the thermostat is set at 62. It has been getting pretty warm during the days here in Central KY but is nasty and raining today. They pile up at times but just laying close together, not on each other. Most of the time they are scattered all over the place laying down or on roosts.

During the day when they aren't napping they are raising all kinds of mischief. On nice sunny, calm days we take them outside for several hours so they can enjoy the sunshine and mingle with the ducks. They really enjoy sunning themselves.

I do the same as the previous poster. Mine will be 4 weeks officially this weekend and I'm working on preparing them for the coop. I have just started to leave the heat lamp off during the day and turn it back on at night since it's been chilly with a weird cold front. Yesterday it was low 60's and today it's supposed to be in the 80's

I don't find that they are different with out it on. When they sleep they sleep close together. They do that with the heat lamp on as well so I don't think its due to being cold as much as it's due to just wanting the assurance of cuddling if you will.

I also bring them outdoors( in their brooder) when I'm out in the yard. HTH

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