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    Ok so i have done alot of reading on finding out a good way to see if your hens are laying or not. The thing i see more times then not was to use the finger method by the pelvic bones. 2 fingers not laying good 3 fingers a pretty good layer..... RIGHT. Well after doing 150 birds we came up with 35 not laying very well so i put them in a diffrent room and had them ready for pickup. The next day saw that we had 2 eggs in that room. Felt pretty good that we did a good job. Day 2 and the day the guy was going to pick them up. WE HAD 11 EGGS. UGHHHHHH. So no pick up and we put all the birds back in the main coop until my young ones start to lay. we have about 76 of them almost ready. We have been banding the leggs of our new birds so by fall we should know how old all of our birds are by color bands. Any one use a diffrent method on telling if the hens are laying with good luck....Thanks JIm
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    Who has small, pale combs? That's my best indicator of a non laying hen.

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