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    My dh, has started back to work after being off for almost 8 months. This leaves me to work full time and cook supper. (I know it's doable, as I am usually the cook) So last week, I made a menu and followed it for suppers. This is what it looked like.

    Monday, Roast Ham
    Mashed potatoes (double see Wed. supper)
    Frozen corn (doubled see Wed)
    Homemade buns.

    Tues Ham Sandwich
    Homemade soup (made Sunday and froze)

    Wed. Sheperds pie (just had to cook the ground beef and take rest out've fridge/ assemble bake
    Homemade buns

    Thurs. Ham cassarole. Make double pasta for fridays supper

    Friday Steak on BBQ
    Pasta Salad
    Onions mushrooms for top of steak.

    So that's was our menu.
    It still needed more garden salad ect. Wed and Thursday was to be garden salad, but ram out've mojo. Not bad for a first week going it alone. Taking care of kids by myself, hubby leaves before we wake and gets home after everything is done. Me working full time and taking care of animlas ect.

    This week I will imrove as I get back into the groove more. Does anyone plan a weekly menu? What does yours look like?
    This week I will do a whole roast chicken and use that for the base for the week.
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    I will sometimes cook 2 meals at once. Such as roast. It takes awhile, so I'll cook supper and have the roast in the oven, take it out about 9 pm and then heat it up the next night. Sometimes I'll roast a chicken, then the next night make chicken tacos or something. Sometimes me and DH can eat for days on 1 chicken. When we have eaten it all up, I cover the bones with water and boil. There is always meat left on the bones. It makes yummy soup.

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